The Glee Club Dream Challenge!                                            

SUCCESS: The Dream Matching Challenge is Over, but the Dreaming Continues!

After receiving many generous gifts to the Glee Club Dream Matching Challenge, we are delighted to announce that we not only met, but were also able to surpass the matching challenge extended us by Glee Club alumnus Mike Helms, and his wife, Martha. All totaled, more than $107,000 was committed to advance the future dreams of the Glee Club by growing the endowment as well as current needs through gifts designated for immediate spending. These gifts are truly inspirational and will go a long way towards offsetting costs incurred by current and future Glee Clubbers. While this particular campaign has been completed, the Dreaming continues. If you intended to make a gift but did not take the opportunity, your gifts still matter. Please consider following one of this links to make your gift to either The Glee Club of Today or The Glee Club of Tomorrow. Thank you!

Blue & White Concert 2015: 80th Anniversary of Hi-Lo's      

Saturday's Blue & White Concert was a great success, including a performance by current and former members of the Hi-Lo's to mark the group's 80th anniversary. It was terrific to see the current students mixing and singing with the alumni, and was a good reminder of the Glee Club's rich history and the traditions that are still upheld today. We are grateful to all those who have contributed to the Glee Club Dream Matching Challenge, and with just 8 days to go until the April 30th deadline, we are very close to our target, needing just $6,915 more from Glee Club members, families, friends, and supporters to raise the $100,000 amount. 

Thank you to all who came back to sing at the Blue & White Concert, and to all those who have contributed to the Dream Matching Challenge. With your support, we look forward to meeting our target in the coming days.


Chris Kiver
Director, Penn State Glee Club

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Penn State Men of Song Festival 2015                                   

We are looking forward to hosting the fourth annual Penn State Glee Club Men of Song Festival on Saturday, October 24. Come and join more than 150 students from grades 8-12 in combined rehearsals and performances with the Penn State Glee Club. 

Please visit our Men of Song page for more information about the event and to sign up today!

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