Executive Board (2017 – 2018)

President: Ben Fortier 

Ben is a Junior majoring in Music Education (Voice) from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. This is his 5th semester with the Glee Club and he is ecstatic to be apart of the leadership to help the Glee Club strive for success, while spreading Penn State Pride along the way!



Secretary & Treasurer: Logan Hutton

Logan is a Senior from Port Allegany, Pennsylvania studying Chemical Engineering. This is his 7th semester in the Glee Club and 6th semester in the Hi-Lo’s. Logan enjoys the camaraderie and fellowship of the Glee Club and looks forward to sharing music and joy with others.

Tour Manager: Michael Bellinson

Michael is a Senior studying Art History. He is from Akron, Ohio. This is his 7th semester in the Glee club and his second year serving as Tour Manager.





Appointed Positions

Merch. Manager
Perf. Manager
Alumni Relations Chair

Brian Shumaker
Cameron Hornberger
Jon Perini
Zach Spaw
Liam McCormick

Publicity Manager
Social Chair
THON Chair

Nick Granitzski
Alex McCollom
Tim Gilpatrick
Matt Griffin
Damien Cherico