Executive Board (2016 – 2017)

President: Reese Wamsley

Reese is a College of Engineering Senior from Nashville, Tennessee studying Architectural Engineering.  He has been a member of the Glee Club for 4 years, has been a member of the Hi-Los for 3 years.

2015 Exec Board Photo Shoot - Reese (2)








Vice President: Mitchell Cornwall

Mitch is a senior from State College, Pennsylvania studying Chemical Engineering. This is his 7th semester in the Glee Club and 4th in the Hi-Lo’s. He hopes the Glee Club can continue to spread the joy of brotherhood and music through their efforts this year.










Secretary & Treasurer: Michael Sellers

Michael is a Junior from State College, Pennsylvania in Hospitality Management who loves people. He strives to be a positive influence for his peers and is a very hard worker. This is his 5th semester in Glee Club.









Tour Manager: Michael Bellinson

Michael is a Junior studying Art History. He is from Akron, Ohio









Appointed Positions

Merch. Manager
Perf. Manager

Brian Shumaker
Brian Shumaker
Will Preston
Ben Fortier

Publicity Manager
Social Chair
THON Chair

Nick Granitzski
Gerald Koledin
Logan Hutton
Aryn Santrock
Damien Cherico