Glee Club Gold

The Greatest Hits of the Pennsylvania State University Men’s Glee Club (3 CD Set)

gcgoldIn 2004, director Bruce Trinkley discovered buried Glee Club treasure: boxes of old recordings from the Frank Gullo years. What was thought to have been lost to time has come alive once more on Glee Club Gold, a magnificent compilation of the Glee Club’s greatest performances and best-loved songs from the Gullo years through the end of the Trinkley years. This is a collection so large, we needed 3 CDs! Glee Club Gold included Glee Club standards, Penn State songs, and selections from the Hi-Lo’s and Varsity Quartet. With almost 90 tracks on 3 CDs, this recording truly is the “gold standard” and a triumphant celebration of the rich musical tradition of the Penn State Glee Club. It serves as the perfect send off to Bruce Trinkley who retired the next year, bringing his 30 year tenure at the Glee Club’s helm to a close.

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Disc One: The Gullo Years (1949 – 1965)

1. Hail! Oh, Hail!
2. PSU Songs sung by Fred Waring
3-7. Fred Waring hosts the Glee Club
8-14. Annual Complimentary Concerts
15-17. Selections from Mother’s Day Concerts
18-20. Selections from Penn State in HiFi
21-22. Selections from Spring Tour
23-27. Selections from Mother’s Day Concert


March 30, 1949
1956, 1957, and 1959
1962 and 1964

Disc Two: The Middle Years – Gullo, Spratlan, Miller, and Trinkley (1964-1973)

1. Selection from Mother’s Day Concert
2-5. Frank Gullo’s Farewell Concert
6-7. Selections from Mother’s Day Concert
8-10. Selections from Mother’s Day Concert
11-13. Selections from Mother’s Day Concert
14-26. Selections from A Brahms Valentine
27-29. Selections from Glee Club Concert
30-32. Selections from Mother’s Day Concert


Disc Three: The Trinkley Years (1970-2005)

1-3. Selections from American Music
4-6. 90th Anniversary: Pennsylvanian Music
7-8. Selections from Alexander Nevsky
9. Walk Him Up the Stairs
10-11. Selections from Mountain Laurels
12-13. Selections from The Homecoming Concert
14-16. Selections from The Homecoming Concert
17-18. Selections from A Celebration of Spirituals
19. Alma Mater

1970 Doug Smith, soloist
1978 David Hudson, solist
Joel Westa, Baritone; Anthony Leach, piano
2004 including God Save Great Washington