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Mike & Martha Helms Dream Challenge

Tenor I SingingDuring our 125th Anniversary reception, director Dr. Chris Kiver shared his hopes for the Glee Club in the next 125 years. In response to this call to action, Glee Club alumnus Mike Helms (’68 B.S., ’74M.S. Business) and his wife Martha knew they wished to help our organization that meant so much throughout their student years. Spring of 2015 then marked the beginning of the Penn State Glee Club Dream Matching challenge where Mike and Martha matched dollar-for-dollar any gift made to the Glee Club endowment from January to April 2015. All money raised are meant to help offset the numerous costs students must incur each year to be apart of the Penn State Glee Club and are targeted towards Dr. Kiver’s 5 Dreams. By the time of our annual Blue & White Concert in April, we had successfully raised and matched over $107,000, an amount that will help transform how the Glee Club operates for years to come.

One of the first initiatives undertaken with Dream Challenge funds was the creation of a completely new website. The one you are viewing right now!

While this particular campaign has come to a close, the Dreaming still continues! If you are interested to make a gift, please consider following one of the links to make your gift either to The Glee Club of Today or The Glee Club of Tomorrow. Thank You!

The Domain Name

Initiates were started under Dr. Kiver’s guidance with assistance from student directors and the PSU Glee Club Executive Board members to help spark more interest on campus in the activities and concerts of the Glee Club. With a desire to have a more active presence on campus, the Glee Club need to put a new face on its website. Alumnus and former Glee Clubber Benjamin Mingle noted this and championed the idea of purchasing a web domain for the PSU Glee Club. His purchase & registration of the domain ‘’ allowed the Glee Club to more easily communicate with the Penn State community and larger public. The continuing domain registration and web hosting are Benjamin’s gift to the Glee Club.

Jack Platt Choral Endowment

The Jack Platt Choral Endowment was created by a bequest from this loyal alumnus to enrich the School of Music by providing monies for international and domestic touring programs of student choral groups.

Jack was born and raised in State College, PA and received a degree in music from Penn State in 1937. He sang in the Glee Club, was a founding member of the Hi-Lo’s (then Hylos), and sang baritone in the Varsity Male Quartet of 1936. Jack played a significant role in the VE Day celebrations in London at the close of World War II. Well-known as a choral arranger and conductor, Jack is best known for his choral arrangements of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land.” Just as jack led thousands of people in song, his endowment will lead thousands of music students through their education and personal growth at Penn State