The Green Album

Bruce Trinkley, Directorgreenalbum
recorded – 2002

From across the pond, to the hills of Pennsylvania, The Green Album features the treasured folksongs of the British Isles and United States. In addition, director Bruce Trinkley takes center stage with recordings of his major works “The Last Voyage of Captain Meriwether Lewis,” about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and “One Life,” about the life and work of Rachel Carson. No Glee Club album would be complete without selections from the Hi-Lo’s and Penn State Fight Songs!

Track Listing

Songs of the British Isles

1. The Rakes of Mallow
2. Limerick if Beautiful
3. Lassie Lie Near Me
4. The Road to Dundee
5. Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes
6. Viva Tutti*
7. Down by the Sally Gardens*
8. Swansea Town*
9. I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts*

from Irish Ballads and Drinking Songs arr. Bruce Trinkley
from Irish Ballads and Drinking Songs arr. Bruce Trinkley
from Irish Ballads and Drinking Songs arr. Bruce Trinkley
from Scottish Ayres
Old English Air, arr. Marshall Bartholomew
arr. Ralph Hunter
arr. Benjamin Britten
English Sea Shanty, arr. Alice Parker and Robert Shaw
Fred Heatherton

Songs of the United States

The Last Voyage of Captain Meriwether Lewis

10. The Corps of Discovery
11. Mess Call
12. Bitterroot

13. Spring Song
14. Song of Peace
15. We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace
16. Don’t be Weary, Traveler
17. Ride On, King Jesus
18. Time of the Season**
19. Title of the Song*
20. Heavenly Bodies**
21. Harvest Due

Bruce Trinkley



from One Life, Bruce Trinkley
Vincent Persichetti
arr. William Appling
arr. Bruce Trinkley
arr. Bruce Trinkley


The Pennsylvania Bicentennial Wagon Train Show, Trinkley

Songs of the Penn State

22. Hurrah Penn State
23. The Willow
24. The Campus
25. Fight On State
26. Alma Mater
27. God Bless America

Rex Myers ’14
Bruce Trinkley
Bruce Trinkley
arr. Lewis Spratlan and Bruce Trinkley
Fred Lewis Pattee
Irving Berlin

*Performed by the Hi-Lo’s
**Performed by the Varsity Quartet